Mar. 29th, 2007 11:15 am
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Robin Ince explains Creationism and Intelligent Design:

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It's cheap, but it treats the clown with the (lack of) respect he deserves.

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After a US Congressman David Wu compared advisors in the White House to Klingons instead of Vulcans, as he'd prefer, The Daily Show got a couple of special commentators to help analyse the speech.

Click on the link, or see the embedded video below the cut.

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To give you an idea of why I love Dexter, this is the opening credits from episode 2. There's absolutely no spoilers - it's merely the lead character getting up, making breakfast and getting ready for the day. No gore or killing, just breakfast.

2 minute long youtube.

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Still slogging through trying to finish talks. Argh. Fortunately, I have "I'm From Barcelona", the massive (29 people!) swedish band playing. So much fun twee pop music. Video after the jump.

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In certain circumstances, Kiwis CAN fly.

This is a wonderful little animated short, some sort of animation school final project. It's touching, and a little sad.

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First up - The Daily Show is back on youtube. Apparently Comedy Central and youtube came to a deal.

But that's not the big news. The big one is that if you go to the Comedy Central website, you can view the entire previous day's show online. This is so unbelievably awesome. Pity their video viewer still sucks, but hey, that's something you can live with. [Update: Go here for the list of videos. It looks like they have Monday and Tuesday's shows up at the moment. It's not clear if this is just for this week, or is an ongoing thing - I hope it's ongoing. That would rock. They are also posting all of The Colbert Report, just to make it even more awesome.]

Finally - Maureen Dowd's cover story in Rolling Stone, on Stewart and Colbert: America's Anchors.


Oct. 30th, 2006 10:49 am
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So youtube has yanked all comedy central clips - including TDS and Colbert Report. Bummer.

Here's a different clip. In the same line as the Bush singing the words to Lennon's "Imagine" from a few months ago, it's Tony Blair performing "Should I Stay Or Should I Go"

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You know - a sausage on a stick, wrapped in a pancake. That's kinda missing something. How about adding chocolate chips? Yeah, that's the ticket.

(image from cabel's blog)

The Daily Show comments:
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Jon Stewart interviewing John Ashcroft, former US Attorney General. Watching Ashcroft sweat as Stewart calls him on his rubbish talking points is wonderful.

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Here's an ad Michael J Fox has cut, promoting a democrat who's running for congress on a pro-stem-cell reasearch line. It's really quite awkward to watch - we've all seen Fox for many years, and seeing what Parkinsons has done to him hurts. It's almost impossible to link the person in this advert with the star of the Back to the Future movies.

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