Nov. 1st, 2006 12:32 am
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(subject line is because Miss S already stole my preferred subject line of: Herro New York![*])

For those of you who watch that "free to air" TV thing (which, I am led to believe, is just like Bittorrent, but with interspersed 30 second short films featuring the most obvious product placement ever) - keep an eye out next year for a show called "Heroes". The rest of you can find it, like I did, on the intertubes.

How to explain Heroes? How about - it's a show with comic book sensibilities, about people with super powers popping up amongst the population. It's a show with comic book sensibilities about superheroes (although not costumed, and often not entirely aware) that both I (comic book nerd) and Miss S (who doesn't like comics, and particularly doesn't like superhero comics) totally fell in love with before the first episode had finished. It's got fabulous characters, it's got great acting, it's shot in a wonderful style, it's creepy at times, it's laugh-out-loud funny at others, and it has an amazing sense of foreboding hanging over the story.

I should point out - we are not talking about TV for children here. It's got drugs, it's got some gory violence. It also wears it's influences on it's sleeve. We're talking comics, we're talking the X-Men, Buffy, the X-Files, the works. The glory of it is that they've managed to make something really really neat, while at the same time not being ashamed to nod to those influences.

And to make it even better - it's rating it's socks off in the US, which means we'll actually get to see at least the full first season. With Studio 60 about to be cancelled (to be honest, I'm not surprised - it's just not good enough, consistently), it's nice to see good TV avoid the fate of Firefly, The Inside, and all those other shows which last just long enough to get interesting before they're cancelled.

Trust me, you want to watch this. Last the first episode long enough to also fall in love with Hiro.

The opening scrolly text of episode 1 is as good an introduction as anything.

In recent days, a seemingly random
group of individuals has emerged with
what can only be described as
"special" abilities.

Although unaware of it now, these
individuals will not only save the
world, but change it forever. This
transformation from ordinary to
extraordinary will not occur overnight.
Every story has a beginning.

Volume One of their epic tale
begins here...

[*] This will probably make you laugh, once you've seen the show. It seems to have become our wake-up and opening-a-phone-call line of choice. Yes, oh yes, we are that nerdy.


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