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Miss S. and I went to see Happy Feet tonight. George Miller once again shows how to make a damn fine movie.

It's computer animated, but you really don't notice it - everything seems so breathtakingly lifelike. And then the penguins begin dancing. And singing. March of the Penguins via Moulin Rouge and then to something like Princess Mononoke. And the visuals - oh my god. Stunning, stunning, stunning. The Antartic vistas, the massive choreographed penguin routines (the underwater sequences in particular are gorgeous). And godDAMN the baby penguins are so fucking adorable it just hurts. This probably had the most stunning "camera" work I can recall seeing in an animated movie. The view swings, sweeps, soars and dives, sucking you along for the ride.

Most amazingly of all, Robin Williams is providing voices to two different penguins, and neither of them are irritating at all. He's actually funny - the last time I can recall him being funny is probably Aladdin, and that was a hell of a long time ago.

Predictably, the mouth-breathing right-wingers are up in arms that a movie might dare to have a message with which they disagree. If these folks have actually seen the movie they're complaining about, they have no heart and possibly no brain.

I spent most of the movie with a smile or open grin on my face. It just blew me away. I'd love to see this at an IMAX screen, but both Melbourne and Sydney don't have it. Idiots.


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